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The Human-Animal Connection Book

The Human-Animal Connection Book



The Human-Animal Connection helps you deepen your relationships with all animals. By connecting with our own animal nature, we open to our essence, our sensory intelligence, our intuition, and our true purpose. In doing so, we dissolve the barriers to authentic communication through the language of silence.

• Understand the feelings, thoughts, desires, and opinions of animals

• Discover love beyond words and profound animal communication

• How animals and people can rebuild a sense of safety and heal from trauma

• How Sensory Intelligence expands your intuition

• How Therapy Animals bring comfort and smiles

• Access your Divine Connection with all living beings

Honoring Animal Wisdom Makes Us Better People

The 33 Principles guide your journey of self-discovery through respecting animal wisdom and embracing your “animality.” Journal questions and a workbook with practice exercises are included. It is time to embrace the joy, healing, and sense of purpose that comes from profound connections with animals.


Genie Joseph, Ph.D., is the founder and Executive Director of the Human-Animal Connection, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating joy, health, and healing by helping people find peace, purpose, and a profound connection with animals.

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